PolkaWar (PWAR) All About To Know Before Crypto Investment

What is PolkaWar (PWAR)?

PolkaWar is a decentralized fighting game that combines NFT and competitive game aspects. Polka War allows players to develop their characters and create a vivid battle world where they can fight each other. There will be different weapons and equipment to arm the game characters.

PolkaWar CryptoCurrency

The game includes a stat or scoring system that allows you to upgrade and advance. So it offers more personalization and allows you to play very unique/interactive games. Initially, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was used for low-cost, fast processing, but in the future, it will be available on Polka War and other blockchains.

PolkaWar will have three types of characters: warrior, archer, and magician. Their weapon system will be: Sword, Big Knife, Bow, Arrow, Gun, Tessen, Wand, Magic Vase, and the equipment system will be: Armor, Helmet, Wings, and Mount.

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The components of the PolkaWar platform are:

  • PolkaWar Realm – A decentralized NFT-based competitive fighting game that creates a bright world for players to compete. It offers different characters, equipment, and weapons. Plus a leveling mechanism and randomness are placed to ensure unique gameplay. Two modes of play are available – individual and field.
  • PolkaWar NFT Marketplace – A market for gaming items and equipment that consumers can sell through NFT. This allows players to make money from the time they spend playing games by selling improved products. Customers can also earn money by renting equipment in the market and collecting parts of their activities.

* PokaWar Logistics – PolkaWar Logistics, which offers NFT conversion and delivery services, allows players to get NFT back in real-world copies and then send it to any address anywhere in the world. It promises a new and much-needed feature in the growing NFT subfield.

How does PolkaWar (PWAR) Work?

PolkaWar uses a public and private key cryptographic system to transfer money from one digital wallet to another. The public key hash is the address you give to receive money, and a secret key for approving and transferring transactions to the network acts as a password. Approximately every six seconds, these unresolved transactions are confirmed by the transaction block, and the blocks together form a polka war blockchain.

Polka War offers more than just sending and receiving money. Polka War is a partial multi-chain network that controls a central relay network that allows the simultaneous processing of data and transactions across multiple networks known as a parachute. Its fragmented architecture divides the network into separate segments or fragments. This increases transaction transfer by allowing parallel processing of each piece continuously across the entire network, as in older blockchains.

Many parachutes connect to Polka War, providing complete network security, significantly improving scalability, interoperability, and inter-chain performance, eliminating congestion, high fees, and old blockchain inconsistencies. PolkaWar and PWAR use a management system managed by native token owners that automatically handles updates without being alerted.

Rather than the mining bonus offers offered on proof-of-work blockchains such as Bitcoin, Polka War uses the Nominated Proof-of-Stack (NPoS) negotiation mechanism to control the network and promotes DOT tokens to lock in the process of stocking.

Participants wishing to maintain the entire network can operate the validator node, manage the Collators Parachain node in Polka War, manage the Fisher node network, and reserve up to 16 valid candidates for DOT owners as competent candidates. . Validators then build new blocks, certify parachute blocks and confirm final performance. We will discuss these roles in more detail later.

Who are the Founders of PolkaWar?

Like many cryptocurrencies, PolkaWar is run by an unnamed team from different cultures and many specialized industries. These investors are PolkaBridge, ChinaPolka, BMW Capital, QuiverX, YellowRoad, DAOStarter, UniFarm, DuckStarter, and Oddiyana Ventures.

What Makes PolkaWar Unique?

PolkaWar specializes in leading blockchain solutions in split-expansion scalability, integrated central relay chain security, adaptive compromise, and multi-chain interoperability. Parallel processing dramatically increases throughput by transacting into specific segments and allows any type of data and asset to be transferred between inter-chain function pieces.

The Polka War project eliminates friction, is compatible with existing platforms such as Ethereum, and provides specific community governance and automated updates without having to choose one isolated blockchain network over another.

Because Polka War is built on a subsystem blockchain framework, other projects using the subsite can quickly and easily deploy custom networks operating in PolkaWar. This means that you can start working on the blockchain using the framework before you are ready to host on the network.

Instead of being an “Ethereum killer”, PolkaWar’s ability is to replace existing blockchains with competing ones. It has already been approved for more than 350 ecosystem projects, including smart contracts, decentralized finance (Defy), Oracle, digital collection (NFTs), games, and other solutions, especially the Chainlink and 0x protocol.

PolkaWar itself is not a smart contract platform. Instead, it provides decentralized application (dApp) developers with an infrastructure to integrate smart contracts into a wide range of interactive networks, leading to the largest increase in active developers of large protocols.

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