What is Mark Zuckerberg’s (Facebook) Metaverse Plan?

One of Facebook’s first investors called the social media giant’s plan to make metaverse “dystopian.”

Meta is now investing billions in the project, according to Facebook.

Facebook Metaverse

Meta Platforms

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Meta Platforms, Inc. Menlo Park is a multinational technology company based in California, formerly known as Facebook, Inc. The company is the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other subsidiaries. Meta is one of the most valuable companies in the world and, along with Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft are one of the largest IT companies in the United States.

The company generates a significant portion of its revenue from advertising sales. Meta offers other products and services such as Facebook, Messenger, Facebook Watch, and Facebook Portal. It also bought Oculus, Giphy, and Mapillary and owns 9.99% of the Jio platform. In October 2021, the media reported that Facebook’s parent company was planning to change its name “to focus on creating meteors.”

At the end of that month, on October 28, he was named Meta. The word “meta” comes from the Greek word meaning “further” and signifies a futuristic motive.

01. Why did Facebook change its name to Meta?

Facebook has been active for some time in bringing VR and AR closer to the Internet. The company first showed interest in recalling an exciting experience when it bought VR headset maker Oculus VR in 2014. However, the move to delve deeper into virtual “metaverse” and use Meta as the company’s new name is something Facebook plans to use to make a big difference in its overall business.

“From now on, we’ll be metaverse-first, not Facebook. That means you won’t need a Facebook address to use our other services over time,” Zuckerberg said.

When Horizon Workrooms announced VR Remote Work in August, Facebook showed us exactly what you can see with your meta version movement. It has also begun investing millions of dollars to build metaverse using existing and new resources.

02. What happens to data privacy?

The time to announce the recruitment was in the spotlight and the experts were asked. Although the company did not elaborate on how data will be used and protected in the metaverse, serious concerns about its past dealings with Facebook user information remain overshadowed by the quality of the project as a whole. another approach.

However, all these ideas about metaverse are currently centered around Europe, and the European Union has introduced the world’s strictest privacy and processing rules as part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). a strategy to keep pace with regulators in developing new technologies.

03. Facebook may be a part of our lives

If Facebook’s imaginary metaverse succeeds, the company will be even stronger than it is now. Right now, Apple and Google, the two technology giants that effectively control mobile Internet access, have set some parameters for Facebook’s business.

Facebook designed its mobile software to run on Apple and Google operating systems. In return, Apple and Google reduce any financial transactions made on Facebook’s iPhone app by 30 percent (Facebook has long condemned this policy).

And in 2019, Facebook could put pressure on Apple over its content policy, just as tensions between the two companies escalated after Apple threatened to expel Facebook from the App Store if it didn’t do better to prevent its platform from being used internally. Workers in the Middle East.

Metaverse shows Facebook the potential future without these restrictions. If Facebook can become the original founder of Metaverse, it will be the company that develops and sells the virtual reality headsets used to access the metaverse and can run a large app store that distributes metaverse. All of this will give Facebook a level of influence and control over the future internet that is not available on the mobile web today.

04. The dream was to feel loved

Zuckerberg said that when he was in high school, he dreamed of creating products that would make people feel loved. I say this for two reasons. The first is that “being now” is not the same as “feeling now.” I think it’s important to have a real relationship with the people you love first.

Second, Facebook and Instagram aim to take people away from real relationships and into virtual ones. Instead of chatting at the dinner table, people watch the Facebook News Feed. If we learn anything from Facebook documents, the company will do almost everything to keep people active and spend more time on Facebook.

“We’re a company that connects people,” Zuckerberg said. “While most other technology companies focus on how people interact with technology, we focus on creating technology where people interact with each other.”

05. A future with glasses only

In his keynote address, Zuckerberg outlined the future of experiencing these amazing experiences with a “single bottle.” Zuckerberg echoed this idea in an interview with Structures’ Ben Thompson. “For example, in augmented reality, the most dangerous device is to wear glasses and something like an EMG on your wrist. I think so. If you don’t pay attention, you can text.”

They are doing something else. “Zuckerberg’s “Mercenary Case” is about how people deal with a meteorite when they text someone face-to-face. So basically metaverse are similar to regular internet, but it’s not clear that you’re not paying attention to the person in front of you. I don’t believe in the future, as we all promise.

06. Many objects will soon turn into holograms

In Zuckerberg’s letter, the creation of unlimited space means that some objects do not have to be physical.

“Think about how many physical objects you have today that will become holograms in the future.” They said. “The ideal setting for working with your TV, multiple monitors, board games, and more will be holograms made by manufacturers from all over the world instead of factory-assembled physical items.”

Interacting with these virtual objects requires a new technology infrastructure that is part of Facebook’s development strategy, such as a better reality spring, virtual reality, or other types of display. “It’s not about spending too much time on the screen, it’s about improving the time we have.”

In addition, Facebook plans to sell “fees or subsidies” to make its devices available to as many people as possible.

“Over the next decade, Metaverse hopes to reach one billion people, host hundreds of billions of dollars in digital sales, and support the jobs of millions of creators and developers,” he said.

07. What to expect from metaverse?

Zuckerberg believes that in the next decade, most people will spend time in full 3D on the Internet. Meta Saver Avatars allow you to swim in space. There will be real avatars, imaginary avatars, and different wardrobes. “Sense of Existence” is the criterion for determining meta-university.

During the ceremony, the CEO said that crypto technology and real tokens (NFTs) will play a key role. Metaverse allow you to invite people to a virtual space. According to Zuckerberg, teleporting to Metaverse is like clicking on a link on the Internet. In the physical world, people can express themselves in the form of holograms.

The company also announced new updates for AR and VR products. For example, people can use VR headsets to call their friends using Messenger and invite people to their home social media version, Horizon Home.

08. Game in Metaverse

Play chess, tennis, and other games with people from all over the world through Metaverse . Vertigo Games is also joining Metaverse after the famous Arizona Sunshine Game. Beat Saber, Grand Theft Auto, Blade, and Sorcery Nomad, and Population One will be featured in Battle Royale Quest. When you exercise, you will feel full.

09. What is Facebook’s strategy?

After listening to Mark Zuckerberg, I feel like a megalomaniac has taken my stuff and filtered it through a self-promotion filter. This is the strangest thing. I always thought that if you came out there would be 100 million micro-entrepreneurs doing small things here and there. And there will be no gentlemen…

He thinks Facebook users like me are frustrated that Apple has become the gateway to their advertising business. So the company could try to make Oculus the “platform” of the future by focusing on Metaverse. Meta will then be the next gatekeeper for this domain. Jared’s explanation is included here.

If Tim Cook hadn’t blocked access to Facebook’s free data, I guess meta would never have happened. In my opinion, the main point of the meta is that we do not have any peripheral device to receive data at this stage. So in the future, we need to win the next device war to get data.

Oh, it would be nice if we could have smart speakers and door comes, but Amazon got them. So let’s move on to headphones. I think that’s the end of it. This means that you must own a peripheral device to gain the power to make your cloud good or bad. He wants to make it a bad thing, so he should own a device, but he doesn’t have any tools yet.

10. Our Duties and Responsibilities

Metaverse will not be created by one company. It will create new experiences and digital products where developers and developers can collaborate, opening up a huge creative economy from a limited economy to existing platforms and their policies.

Our mission on this journey is to accelerate the development of basic technologies, social platforms, and creative tools and to weave these technologies through social media. We believe MetaWorld can create a social experience more than anything today, and we will do our best to help realize its potential.

As I originally wrote in my founder’s letter: “We do not make services to make money; we make money to create better services.” The last five years have been polite to me and my company in many ways. One important lesson I’ve learned is that it’s not enough to make people a favorite product.

I have come to appreciate that the history of the Internet is not so simple. Each group brings new voices and new ideas, but they also challenge new challenges, threats, and established interests. We need to work together from the beginning to make this great future a reality.

Mark Zuckerberg

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